Special Equipment

A number of special pieces of equipment have been used to address a range of disabilities: (click on an image for a larger picture):

Upper amputees/stroke victims/paralysis of an arm

1. Holding the bow in a stand
2. A prosthetic arm attached to the bow
3. Drawing with the teeth

Bow Stand.jpg (2344746 bytes)   False Arm.jpg (565643 bytes)  
Visual impairment

Use of the tactile sight and foot markers

BBS4.GIF (100559 bytes)   BBS1.jpg (102295 bytes)

1. A hook release by turning the wrist
2. Binding the bow to the hand

img_0934.jpg (7017156 bytes)   img_0933.jpg (6383382 bytes)
Wheelchair users

1. Avoid contact of the string on the wheel
2. Raising the archer with a board under the cushion

Beware the string pushing on he wheel   Raise the archer with a board